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Hampshire Is Going 100% Solar for Electricity

Partner SolarCity has applied for permits to construct the largest campus solar power system in New England


Hampshire Is Going 100% Solar for Electricity

A generous gift from Gary Hirshberg 72F, co-founder and Chairman of Stonyfield Farm, launched the initiative to integrate food, operations, and curriculum, and build a culture of sustainability at Hampshire College. Recent funding from the Lydia B. Stokes, Henry P. Kendall, and Vervane Foundations, and the U.S. National Science Foundation is propelling this effort forward.

The sustainability initiative is focused on four key transitions. Building upon Hampshire College's strong foundation of innovative research, forward-thinking decision-making, and environmental action and awareness, Hampshire is actively transforming its food systems, campus operations, creative curriculum, and campus culture. This effort capitalizes on the ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and commitment to social justice that have always characterized the Hampshire College community.

Our work on these four key transitions is guided by the Sustainability Transition Advisory Committee (STAC), the Food, Farm, and Sustainability Advisory Committee, and the Environmental Committee, which oversee and organize the transition process.

Healthy Food Transition

Sustainable Operations

Creative Curriculum

Cultural Transition

From innovative research to forward-thinking decision-making, environmental action and awareness are central parts of Hampshire College's culture.

A "Living" Building

Hampshire is buildingĀ a new green building.


From film screenings to festivals...see what's happening on theĀ Sustainability Events Calendar!

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