Sponsor Steps to CEL-1

Please be sure that you are willing to make the commitment to your students and will promptly sign off on registration and verification forms as you receive them! Students and sponsors must complete the online process for ALL CEL-1 activities. It is the only way central records will receive and record the credit.

  1. Log into the CEL-1 website.
  2. Go to the "Sponsorship" tab and add a new activity. Fill in the details of your activity to the best of your ability. Be sure to input the correct start and end dates. Add information about upcoming meeting dates and times, if applicable. You may edit this information at any time.
  3. When students register for your activity, they are asked complete a Registration Form. You will receive an email each time a student registers for your CEL-1 activity. Click on your roster, click on students' names to read their registration narratives, and choose to confirm or decline their activity participation. Please do this promptly so that students are officially enrolled!
  4. Engage students in this unique opportunity you've provided! Talk with students about creative ways they can document and collect their work. Encourage them to reflect along the way using the reflection worksheet on the CEL-1 website
  5. Within 2 weeks of the end of your activity, students should shift their focus to the Verification Form. They are asked to review the work completed and the approximate number of hours spent on the activity. Choose from your activities on the left sidebar to see that activity roster. Click on student names to review their verification narratives, input any additional comments, and choose to confirm or decline their activity completion.

** Students' CEL-1 credit is dependent on sponsor approval of registration and verification. Please do these promptly! **

Sponsor a CEL-1 Activity

Questions, or need to change sponsor names on the website?

Check out the CEL-1 FAQ or email CEL1@hampshire.edu.