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What CASA Does

CASA, the Center for Academic Support and Advising, provides a variety of services to students and faculty including:

  • Choosing and changing advisors
  • Course selection
  • Finding chairs and members for work at all divisional levels
  • What Division I, Division II, and Division III are all about
  • Concerns about academic preparation and support
  • Referral to other academic support services including the Writing Center, global education office, and the Career Options Resource Center
  • Staying on course to meet academic goals and remain in good academic standing. Sometimes advisors and committee chairs are part of these conversations.
  • Interpreting and translating Hampshire's academic structure for others
  • Concerns and questions of first-year students
  • Concerns and questions of Division II students
  • Concerns and questions of Division III students
  • Distributional requirement placement for first-years students with AP or international baccalaureate credit
  • Transfer student concerns such as Division I/Division II placement and timelines for graduation
  • Parent concerns: telephone and in-person conversations when appropriate
  • Strategies for identifying options, setting goals, managing time
  • Going on leave, field study, or exchange
  • Withdrawing or transferring to another institution
  • Certification of academic good standing for other institutions, potential employers, and auto insurance firms
  • Copies of materials submitted by a student during the admissions process other than examples of work that are returned by the admissions office
  • Meetings with students whose ECheckIn has been blocked because of insufficient academic progress
  • Verification of graduation for students taking the bar exam
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CASA deans can assist students and faculty with a range of advising issues
Contact CASA at 413.559.5498 to set up an appointment.
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