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Division I Campus Engaged Learning (CEL-1)

In addition to a minimum of seven faculty-evaluated courses, students in Division I must carry out at least one Campus-Engaged Learning (CEL-1) activity, totaling a minimum of 40 hours, approximately equal to course contact hours.

The appropriate CEL-1 activities will be determined in consultation with the tutorial advisor and the activity sponsors. The student will document the fulfillment of each CEL-1 activity, and write a narrative reflection the entire CEL-1 experience in the Division I retrospective essay.

The CEL-1 must:

  • involve collaborative learning
  • take place on and/or directly enhance campus life
  • add up to a minimum of 40 hours of work
  • include systemic documentation and written reflection on the learning

Check out the Student Guidelines for the steps to completing your CEL-1.

Check out the Sponsor Guidelines if you are a prospective activity sponsor or need assistance in the sponsorship process.

Why CEL-1?

The CEL-1 requirement enables entering first-year students' early integration into the life and ethos of the College. The basis of a Hampshire education, Non Satis Scire ("To know is not enough"), requires all community members to make active connections between their academic pursuits and other areas of their lives, recognizing that the projects we undertake outside of the classroom matter. Hampshire College also expects faculty, staff, and students to work collaboratively toward the achievement of shared goals, and to contribute to our community in imaginative ways.

The CEL-1's collaborative spirit and the requirement that students reflect critically and think carefully about their own engagement also prepare them to become critically engaged scholars, artists, and scientists who participate actively and responsibly in the Hampshire community and the larger world.

While students and advisors can select a CEL-1 from among well-established options--activities in which Hampshire students have long been engaged--the requirement also encourages projects pioneered by Division II and III students, staff, and faculty members themselves.

With the advisor's approval, groups of first-year students may propose, design, and carry out new, innovative CEL-1 projects that enhance students' ability to work with others toward shared goals. CEL-1 projects can be aimed at improving the campus; enhancing our academic program and its connection to applied, practical non-course-based activities; addressing specific needs; or at building a spirit of community and collaboration across our varied constituencies.

For Transfer Students

Transfer students do not complete CEL-1 at the Division I level, but are required to complete CEL-2 at the Division II level.

Questions about CEL-1?

Check out the CEL-1 FAQ or email

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