Faculty Associated with SSiMS

The Center for the Study of Science in Muslim Societies has faculty collaborators who support the goals of the center. To become affiliated with the center, please contact the director.

Director: Salman Hameed, Charles Taylor Chair and associate professor of integrated science and humanities

2014-17 postdoctoral fellow: Vika Gardner

Five College faculty affiliates:

  • Laura Sizer: Hampshire College associate professor of philosophy
  • Omar Dahi: Hampshire College associate professor of economics
  • Laura Wenk: Hampshire College associate professor of cognition and education
  • Amina Steinfels: Mount Holyoke College associate professor of religion
  • Tariq Jaffer: Amherst College assistant professor of religion
  • Suleiman Mourad: Smith College professor of religion
  • David Mednicoff: University of Massachusetts Amherst assistant professor of public policy
External faculty affiliates:
  • Berna Turam: Northeastern University associate professor of sociology and international affairs
  • Anila Asghar: McGill University associate professor of integrated studies in education
  • Jeff Guhin: University of Virginia Abd El-Kader post-doctoral fellow