The Center for the Study of Science in Muslim Societies has received a number of grants to support its work.

2015Templeton Foundation, a new project using online videos about science and Islam to examine more closely those who are circulating the videos. The project will be particularly examining videos presenting Zakir Naik.

2014Templeton Foundation, to develop a publicly accessible portal listing videos about Islam and the natural sciences, including evaluations of the videos' presentations. Read a brief article on the grant.

Publications as a result of this grant:

2009-2013: National Science Foundation, to support research on perceptions of science among Muslims in the West. Dr. Hameed's Science article, "Bracing for Islamic Creationism" (2008), set the stage for discussing improved methods of engagement.

Some of the results from this research were presented at the "Darwin and Evolution" conference. See an article on the conference in the New York Times.

The data developed through the study has been widely discussed in the media.

Published results from this grant:

2009: Carnegie Corporation of New York, to support the 2009 "Darwin and Evolution" conference, which was also supported through grants from within Hampshire College through the dean of faculty and the office of the President.