What Would a Concentration in CYL Look Like?

 First year:

  • Tutorials in education, writing, theatre, philosophy, child development, etc.
  • 100 level courses throughout the five Schools

Division II:

  • Self-designed course of study that integrates your ideas and questions on children and youth, learning and/or education
  • Courses in areas such as curriculum and instruction; the cultural politics of education; childhood studies; research methods; sociology of education; cognition and instruction; science education; multicultural education; children's literature; children's theatre; and gender studies
  • Research projects informed by your courses and interests
  • Opportunities for teaching and off-campus internships and fieldwork

Division III:

  • Research on childhood, youth, and/or learning
  • Curriculum design and implementation
  • Film/video, photo, and studio art documentaries/exhibits
  • Performance pieces