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Spring 2014 Intern Staff

Not sure how to get in touch with your intern? Find that person on this page, then type the name into the directory to get contact info. All interns have voice mail set up for their phone extensions, so feel free to leave them messages.

Merrill House Interns

A1 and A2: Katlyn Lora

A3 and A4: Denis Becirovic

B1 and B2: Yael Davidesko

B3 and B4: Xiamara Reyes

C1 and C2: Rachael Clifford

C3 and C4: Emily Lawson

B and C Basement: Joseph Goldin

Dakin House Interns:

D1, D2, D3: Vivianna Alvarez

E1, E2, E3: Mitchell Krieger

F1, F2, F3: Karina Rosenstein

G1, G2, G3: Chelsea LaValley

H1, H2, H3: Alvaro Ortiz-Palacios

J1, J2, J3: Sarah Hankin

K1, K2, K3: Nathan Flannery

D4, E4, F4, G4: Callie Vaught

Greenwich/Enfield House:

Student Assistant House Director: Chelsea Roesch

Donut 1: Akhanda Shrestha

Donut 2: Omnia Hamdan

Donut 3: Dina Amouzigh

Donut 4: Nauman Tazeem

Donut 5: “Frank” Juechang Zhao

41-48: Jed Tifft

49-54, 59-60: Tzitzi Farmer

55-58, 61-62, and 70-71: Shaddae Rodriguez

63-69: Yasmine El Baggari

Prescott House:

72-76: Siena Dryden

77-80: Miriam King

81-84: Allison Waite

85-88: Justine Gonzalez-Berg

89-91 and 104: Joel Ayala

92-96: Mary Goldman

98-101: Angel Zeas

97, 102, 103, and 105: Erika Linenfelser

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