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How to Move Out

All residents must be completely moved out by 10 a.m. on Sunday, May 17, 2015. Keys must be returned to the HOO by 10 a.m., or a late key charge of $50 will be assessed. A cumulative late stay charge of $50 will be assessed per every 30 minutes a student remains on campus after 10 a.m.

Checking Out with HOO Staff:

When you are ready to leave campus, you may formally check out of your room with HOO staff during our business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.). Check-outs can only be done once all items have been removed from your room. HOO staff will compare the initial room contract you completed to the current room conditions and determine if you will be billed for any damages. At the end of the check-out, HOO staff will take your keys and lock the door to your room. Please be aware that there may be more of a wait for check-outs with HOO staff during busy move-out days.

Room Review:

If you are unable to empty your room fully during HOO business hours you can ask a residence life staff member in your area office to look at your room by contacting that individual as listed below. The residence life staff member will review a check list with you to give you an idea of what you have done and what you still need to do in order to avoid damage and/or cleaning charges. It remains your responsibility to review move-out checklists yourself and make sure nothing gets missed. Once you are fully moved out, lock your door behind you and return your keys via the mail slot in the HOO entryway. Do not return your keys until you are ready to leave campus.

The Dakin-Merrill Area Office is located in the Dakin quad. You can contact the office for their hours at 413.559.5564.

The Greenwich-Enfield Area Office is located in Enfield. You can contact the office for their hours at 413.559.5383.

The Prescott Area Office is located behind the gazebo in the quad. You can contact the office for their hours at 413.559.5463.

Moving Out without Checking Out or Room Review:

Review the checklist below very carefully before you lock your door and drop off your keys. You can return your keys via the mail slot in the HOO entryway during non-business hours. Do not return your keys until you are ready to leave campus.

Move Out Checklist:

Please check each item on this list carefully prior to moving out. Your room must be in the same condition when you move out as it was when you moved in. You will be billed for any damage or missing items that you did not list on your room contract.

  1. Review your room contract, and any notes made by the HOO at the bottom of the contract. Your contract can be viewed at any time by returning to where you originally filled it out.
  2. All original room furniture is back in your room. Check your common areas for missing chairs/recycling bins/etc. Residence life and housing staff will not be able to look for missing furniture in common areas, hallways, or lounges: if it is not in your room, you will be charged for it! Please see our list of common damage billing here.
  3. All screens are in windows.
  4. All personal items have been removed from the room. This includes clothes hangers, tacks, etc. Check every drawer a second time before you leave. Many people forget a whole drawer of items!
  5. Your room is clean. This means you've wiped down surfaces, vacuumed out dirty drawers, and mopped or vacuumed your floor. All trash and recycling must be taken out to dumpsters.
  6. Your common area is clean and empty of personal items. All common area furniture is in its original location (not in bedrooms or on balconies). Don't forget the refrigerator and freezer!
  7. You've locked your door behind you as you leave. If you fail to lock your door, you will be liable for any damage done by others prior to our billing assessment. This happens every year; don't let it happen to you!
  8. Your keys have been sealed in a key envelope labeled with your name and room number. The keys must be returned to the HOO during business hours or dropped through the mail slot in the HOO entryway after hours. Do not drop your keys off until you are ready to leave campus.
  9. If you have lost both your keys, please return your labeled key envelope to us with a note letting us know that you've moved out and have lost your keys. This will prevent us from incorrectly billing you for a late stay.

Do not leave your keys in any location other than the HOO, including in your room or with a resident advisor or other student. You are solely responsible for ensuring your keys are returned to the HOO.

Houses Re-Open for Returning Students on Monday, September 7, 2015.


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