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Lottery Point Calculation

Students will receive their Lottery Point Letters in their campus mailboxes on Monday, April 20. This letter MUST be included in your group's registration packet. Do not discard your Lottery Point Letter!!

Points are calculated based on a few specific factors:

  • 1 point for each semester of enrollment at Hampshire (maximum 8)
  • 1 point for being 22 years of age or older (as of September 1, 2015)

Note: The way we determine points for transfer students is currently being re-evaluated. Information will be distributed as it becomes available.

Squatter's points

Students are granted one (1) squatter's point if they lottery for the mod they are currently living in. This point is ONLY valid for their current residence. This point will be recorded separately on the registration form.

Modmate contract point

Groups can earn one extra point for their group by having a group discussion about how they will live together and completing the Modmate Contract. The contract must be completed, signed by all members of the group who are not currently on leave, and included with the group's registration packet at the time of submission for the extra point to be awarded.


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