Resident Advisors

Spring 2018

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Merrill House

A1 and A2: Tiana Gurrero

A3 and A4: Emory Ellis

B1 and B2: Rejjia Camphor

B3 and B4: Kia Boreland

C1 and C2: Jada Fraser

C3 and C4: Hannah Jones

Dakin House

D1, E1, F1: April Aftandilov

D2, E2, F2: TBA

D3, E3, F3: Patricia Quispe

F4 and G4: Sabina Paneva 

G1, H1, J1, and J Basement: Carlos Sevilla

G2, H2, J2: Faith Glenn

G3, H3, J3: Jahlisa Pelle

K1, K2, K3: Allison Zeitler


Greenwich/Enfield House

Donut 1: Corryn Sullivan

Donut 2: Mod Ahmed

Donut 3: Avery Homer

Donut 4: Melissa Bragg

Donut 5: Zanya Andrada Fits

41-46: Moné Alexander

47-52: Sweeny Sweeny

53-56, 59-60: Maddison Williams

57-58, 61-62, and 69-70: Vee Tineo

63-68, 71: Malik Ford

Prescott House

72-76, 105: Graciela Rodriguez

77-80, 103: Jacob Prescott

81-84: Jacob Zhang

85-88, 104: Gusty Catherin-Sauer

89-91, 96: Kali Ransom

92-95, 102: Zoe Hazlett

98-101: Emily Strand

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