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Resident Advisors

Spring 2017

Not sure how to get in touch with your resident advisor? Find that person on this page, then type the name into the directory to get contact info. All resident advisors have voice mail set up for their phone extensions, so feel free to leave them messages.

Merrill House

A1 and A2: Gillian Giles

A3 and A4: Avery Homer

B1 and B2: Emory Ellis

B3 and B4: Malik Ford

C1 and C2: Lili Owen

C3 and C4: Jacob Prescott

B and C Basement: Moné Alexander

Dakin House

D1, D2, D3: Anthony Santacruz

E1, E2, E3: Kali Ransom

F1, F2, F3: April Aftandilov

G1, G2, G3: Maralina Gabriel

H1, H2, H3: Moheeb Ahmed

J1, J2, J3: Emily Strand

K1, K2, K3: Corryn Sullivan

D4, E4, F4, G4: Marquis Seabron

Greenwich/Enfield House

Donut 1: Jason Ahuja

Donut 2: Maddison Williams

Donut 3: Erika Tai

Donut 4: Melissa Bragg

Donut 5: Clarke Grayson

41-46: Zandra Sante

47-52: Gusty Catherin-Sauer

53-56, 59-60: Celeste Davidson

57-58, 61-62, and 70-71: Sweeney Sweeney

63-69: Erika Miranda

Prescott House

72-76, 105: Matthew Fullmer

77-80, 103: TBD

81-84: Jacob Zhang

85-88, 104: Anita Fuentes Gutierrez

89-91, 96: Desta Cantave

92-95, 102: Charisse DelVecchio

98-101: Natalia Moyano

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