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Sample Latino, Latina, and Latin American Studies Course Listing

Language Courses

Elementary Spanish I, II

Intermediate Spanish I, II

N. Gonzalez; L. Rojas-Rimachi; C. Gear; D. Cuenca


100-level Courses


Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies Courses

Penning the Dictator: Introduction to Latin American Culture, N. Holland

Contemporary Latin American Literature: Subjects Without Scripts, N. Holland

Introduction to Media Arts in Film, Photography and Video: Cuba, J. Hayden


Social Science Courses

Remapping las Amricas: Introductory Perspectives in Latina and Latino Studies, W. Valentn

Music and Politics of Latin America, M. Bigenho

Life Stories From Latin America, M. Bigenho

Performing Bolivian Music, Z. R. Encinas; M. Bigenho

Social Movements and Social Change: Zapatismo, M. Cerullo

Pa'lante: Raising Voices/Fostering Change, M. Cerullo; W. Valentn


200-Level Courses


Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies Courses

Reading (With) Borges, N. Holland

Immigration Nation: Ethnic Stereotypes, U.S. Politics, and the Media, S. Loza


Social Science Courses

The Cuban Revolution: Visions, Realities, Crisis and Collapse, F. Risech-Ozeguera; M. Cerullo

Indigenous Politics of Latin America, M. Bigenho

Imagining Transnational Latin America, F. Risech-Ozeguera

Cuba Transnational, C. Bengelsdorf; M. Cerullo

Afro-Latino Musical Cultures, W.Valentin

Trans Latin@ Cultural Studies, W. Valentin

Artivism, Performance Praxis and the Sub-Altern Avant-Garde, W. Valentin; P. Page

Border Matters: Mexico and the U.S., F. Risech-Ozeguera



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