Virtual Accepted Student Days

We appreciate that the process of making a final decision about where you want to attend college in the fall of 2021 is especially challenging. While it’s difficult to replace a campus visit, our goal is to provide a fun and informative series of discussions that give you a chance to experience what makes Hampshire special.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Admissions Office with any questions you may have. We understand the many disruptions the health crisis is causing and want to provide you with the best information we can.

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While it’s difficult to replace a campus visit, our goal is to provide fun and informative discussions that give you a chance to experience what makes Hampshire special. 


Virtual Sessions

These recorded sessions from Spring 2020 were held via Zoom with accepted students.

Meet Ed

President Ed Wingenbach and Fumio Sugihara, our Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, discussed Ed’s vision for Hampshire and why you should join our 50th Anniversary class!

Academics @ Hampshire

Incoming Dean of Faculty Christoph Cox discussed our new curriculum and how we are educating students to address the shifting challenges of jobs, graduate school, entrepreneurship, and life.

Life @ Hampshire

You’ll find your place, be supported, and have fun here. Students heard from staff from Student Life; Advising; Outdoor Programs, Recreation, and Athletics; and the Career Options Resource Center.

Q & A with Students

Students got a look at what it’s like living and learning at Hampshire. Moderated by Janine Knight, Assistant Dean of Students, Director of Campus Leadership & Activities, and Director of the Cultural Center. 

What’s a Div?

Our Divisional System gives students with deep and direct experience managing projects, integrating knowledge, and asking original questions. Div III students and their advisors introduced their year-long final thesis projects.

Div Free

Young alums discussed their transition to life after college and how Hampshire’s model of education helped prepare them for careers and grad school. Representatives from Alumni and Family Relations moderated the discussion.

Unbounded Learning

Faculty and staff from different academic expertise illustrate Hampshire's innovative new curriculum draw on the best thinking, methods, and resources, to explore one of today’s most pressing problems — global pandemics.

Residential Life

We talk about how we help students gain the skills necessary to become engaged participants in their communities and create a residential environment that encourages collaboration, connections, learning, and personal growth.

Theater Board

Students on Theater Board work on every aspect of the production process, including writing, directing, designing, and construction, with guest artists, faculty, and staff serving as mentors and participants.

International Students Q & A

Assistant Director of Admissions and Coordinator of International Recruitment Dalton Lewis 12F and a current international student at Hampshire answer questions from admitted international students.

Farm Center & Community Sustained Agriculture

Hampshire Farm staff and alums discuss opportunities for learning, research, work study, and internships at the farm as well as exploring sustainable agriculture, animal behavior, local food systems, and issues surrounding food production.

Environmental Studies & Sustainability

Sustainability isn’t a major at Hampshire — it’s in everything. You can find people working in natural systems engineering, the psychology of climate change, green building design, environmental modeling, and more!

Film, Photo, Video Program

Alum fellows Claudia Hermano 15F and Theo Schiller 15F, led a discussion about our interdisciplinary approach to media studies that encourages student exploration and knowledge-building through theater, politics, philosophy, literature, and art history to inform creative work.

Natural Science

Hampshire's Elizabeth Conlisk, dean of the school of natural science and professor of public health, faculty, and staff members discuss our multidisciplinary, student-centered science education, access to lab facilities, opportunities for original scientific research, grants and funds.

Outdoor Programs, Recreation, & Athletics

Outdoor Programs, Recreation, and Athletics Director Brad King and Associate Director Amanda Surgen discuss recreational fitness, intercollegiate athletics, club sports, our facilities, and certifications.

Health, Counseling, & Support Services

Health, counseling, and support services staff are actively making plans to provide the best possible experience for students, and supporting their physical and mental health and well-being is their priority.