Tuition and Fees


Hampshire College bills on a semester-by-semester basis. Fall 2024 semester charges will be billed during the first week of July and are due August 1, 2024. Spring 2025 semester charges will be billed during the first week of December and are due January 2, 2025.

Tuition and Fees

  Fall 2024 Spring 2025
Tuition $28,579 $28,579
Housing $4,697 $4,697
Food (Dorms) $3,259 $3,259
Food (Mods) $888 $888
Hamp Dollars (formally Café Card) $250 $250
Student activity fee $190 $190
Health service fee $400 $400
EMT fee $29 $29
Student medical insurance (estimated) $1,744 $2,443

One-Time Deposits and Fees

Campus security deposit $480
Transcript fee $130
Orientation fee $230*

*The orientation fee for new students arriving in the spring is $130.

2024-25 Full Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance (COA) includes both direct costs (expenses billed to you and directly paid to the College), and indirect costs (expenses not billed to you but incurred as a result of attendance that the student/family may pay). The COA includes tuitions and fees, books and supplies, housing, food, transportation, federal loan fees, and other miscellaneous expenses. Besides tuition, fees and on-campus housing, the amounts listed below represent averages for Hampshire College students. These amounts are used to determine a students eligibility for financial aid.

    Living On-Campus Living Off-Campus Living with parent/relative
Direct Cost (expenses billed to student and directly paid to the College) Tuition $57,158 $57,158 $57,158
Housing $9,394 Not Applicable Not Applicable
*Food $6,564 Not Applicable Not Applicable
HEALTH SERVICE FEE $800 $800 $800
EMT fee $58 $58 $58
Hamp Dollars $500 $500 $500
One-time Fees and Deposits (charged in the first semester attended) ORIENTATION FEE $230 $230 $230
TRANSCRIPT FEE $130 $130 $130
Campus Security Deposit $480 $480 $480
Direct Cost only if student does not have comparable medical insurance coverage Student Medical Insurance (estimated) $4,187 $4,187 $4,187
Indirect Cost (expenses not billed to student, but may be incurred as a result of attending college) Standard Allowance for Rent or other housing costs Not Applicable $9,394 $2,504
*Food Not Applicable $6,564 $6,564
Books, course materials, supplies, and equipment $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
Personal, miscellaneous $1,490 $1,490 $1,490
Transportation varies by location $1,060 $1,060
**Federal Loan Fees $70 $70 $70

*Food - is the the average amount for three meals a day. More info on meal plans.

**Federal Loan Fees - the $70 allowance only appears in the cost of attendance if student is eligible for federal loans and borrows the federal loans. This is because the Department of Education charges an up front origination fee on federal loans.

Please Note: All students are expected to live on-camps. If you plan to commute from home or need to live off campus, please contact the housing office to inquire about housing exemptions.

Downloadable 2024-25 Cost of Attendance

Additional Fees

The following additional fees are charged only when applicable:

Leave of absence fee (per semester) $400
Graduation extension fee $1,500
ID Card replacement $25
Returned check fee $25

Finance Charges

Late payment fees will be assessed monthly at 1.25% of the outstanding balance on your student billing account, including past due monthly payment plan amounts.