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Field Study or Exchange

Students may include off-campus study at any time during the Division II, taking opportunities to study abroad or elsewhere in the United States, either on Hampshire Exchange or on field study.

Because of the need to pass Division I, form a committee, and file Division II, off-campus study is not recommended for third-semester students except in exceptional cases.

To be eligible for exchange or field study, students must file for Division II prior to the start of their semester off campus.

January Term

Students on field study or exchange during the fall semester may enroll in January term courses only with special permission from the dean of academic support and advising. Students are expected to register for and complete the January term class that is relevant to their divisional work. Field study students who obtain this permission must live on campus and pay the fees for tuition and room as listed in the fee brochure distributed by student financial services and on the student financial services website.

Fall Term

Fall term Hampshire Exchange participants who obtain this permission will not be required to pay additional tuition fees, but will be assessed housing fees on a program-by-program basis. Refer to the Field Study or Exchange section or the Center for Academic Support and Advising website for more information.


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