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Field Study or Exchange

Field study may be granted for academic study that requires the student to be away from the Hampshire campus for an entire semester. It assumes that the student is engaged in academic work away from the College, not just living off campus, and that the study or work to be carried out is of such a nature that it cannot be done while the student is in residence at Hampshire. Residence in or around the surrounding communities is not permitted. In general, field study is the term used to describe work for which there has been adequate academic preparation and that must be done in a particular place away from the College: a "field site."

Exchange is the term for participation in a Hampshire-sponsored program at another site away from the College. All Hampshire Exchange programs are administered by the global education office (GEO). Students interested in participating in exchange must follow the GEO application procedures. The Hampshire Exchange application deadlines (fall and spring term) are listed each year on the GEO website and extensively advertised around campus. Students who enroll at a program or institution where Hampshire has an exchange agreement must do so through Hampshire College exchange status. Students may not enroll with Hampshire partners while on field study status.

A student on field study or exchange generally is supervised by an appropriate person at the field study or exchange site. The student is entitled to a limited amount of supervision by a Hampshire College faculty member. A semester of field study or exchange is considered a semester of enrollment for the purpose of academic standing (see section on Satsifactory Academic Progress).

Students on field study are not entitled to use any Hampshire College or Five College facilities. Specifically, this involves the library; Five College libraries; the Hampshire College or University of Massachusetts/Amherst health services; the Robert Crown Center; Outdoors and Recreational Athletics Program College-sponsored trips; enrolling; teaching or auditing Hampshire or Five College interchange courses; having a job on campus; or having a validated Hampshire ID card. Students may purchase the supplemental health insurance offered by Hampshire College, which entitles field study leave students to medical care as outlined in the College insurance company brochure and with tuition information on the student financial services website. Supplemental insurance does not cover a student for care at the HampshireCollege or University of Massachusetts Amherst health services.

Students on field study or exchange during the fall semester may not enroll in January Term courses unless they receive special permission from the dean of academic support and advising. Field Study students who obtain this permission must live on campus and pay the fees for tuition and room as listed in the fee brochure distributed by student financial services and with the tuition information on the student financial services website. Fall term Hampshire Exchange participants who obtain this permission will not be required to pay additional tuition fees, but will be assessed housing fees on a program by program basis.


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