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Field Study or Exchange, or Leave from Full-Time Enrollment

Students completing a semester's work at a site away from Hampshire College, which has been pre-approved by their Division II or Division III committees for inclusion into their Division IIs or Division IIIs, are placed on field study or exchange status. Students who temporarily suspend enrollment at Hampshire for a semester are placed on leave status. Leave status is not a semester of enrollment, and work completed while on leave may not count as one of the necessary four semesters of Division II or two semesters of Division III. Students who participate in academically relevant experiences during the summer or while on leave of absence may use these as evidence of learning activities. With the prior approval of the Division II committee, they may request that these activities be included as part of the Division II portfolio.

Students on field study or exchange away from Hampshire College or on a leave from full-time enrollment must file forms with the Center for Academic Support and Advising (CASA) by the enrollment notification deadline. Students must be in good academic and disciplinary standing to qualify for a semester of field study or exchange. The enrollment notification deadline is listed each year in the online academic calendar with tuition information available on the student financial services website. It is also advertised by CASA. All forms must be submitted by that date.

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