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Questions with Faculty

Advisors. Mentors. Experts in the field. "The Dream Team." These are our faculty, although you’ll probably call them by their first names. They’re instrumental in helping you create your own course of study, and by writing your narrative evaluations, they come to know you deeply as a learner and human being.

And hey, they’re human beings, too! Meet some of Hampshire’s professors as they discuss their uniquely interdisciplinary courses and favorite morning beverages.

The faculty-student relationship is one of deep mentorship and introspection. Through conversations with your professors and faculty committee, you discover and pursue your life’s essential questions. So who inspires your professors? Here, Hampshire faculty discuss their intellectual soulmates.

In your final year at Hampshire, your faculty committee meets most frequently to help you complete your Division III project. While it’s always exciting to help a student create new knowledge in their respective fields, some Div III projects stand out. Here’s what faculty say about their most memorable Div III projects (and how choosing a “favorite” is very, very painful).

Participating Faculty

Areas of Study
Dozens of areas of study, countless customized majors.
At Hampshire you won't choose a major the way you might buy a product. Rather, you'll build a concentration out of your interests and intellectual curiosity, in close consultation with your faculty advisors.
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