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Ira Fay

Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Game Design
Ira Fay

Ira Fay, an assistant professor of computer science and game design, holds a master of entertainment technology and a master of information systems management, both from Carnegie Mellon University. His B.S., in computer science, is also from Carnegie Mellon University.

His primary research interests are in educational games, best practices in game design and development, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

He is the CEO of Fay Games, a game development studio primarily focused on games for educational impact. He previously co-founded the undergraduate game design and development program at Quinnipiac University, where he was an assistant professor of game design and development. Before beginning his academic career, Ira was a senior game designer at Electronic Arts (, where he led Pogo iPhone game development and released several top web games. Prior to Pogo, Ira worked at Z-Axis (Activision) on X-Men 3, at Maxis on The Sims 2, and at Walt Disney Imagineering on ToonTown Online. He is also a published board game designer.

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