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Associate Professor of Mathematics

Sarah Hews

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Hampshire College Professor Sarah Hews
Sarah Hews
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Natural Science
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Sarah Hews
Cole Science Center 309
Teaching at Amherst College from Fall 2019-Spring 2022.
Sarah Hews, associate professor of mathematics, received a B.S. in Mathematics at the University of Michigan and a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from Arizona State University. Her postdoc at Swarthmore College, funded by HHMI, focused on developing new courses at the interface of mathematics and biology and introducing quantitative tools in a range of biological courses.

Professor Hews’ teaching primarily focuses on applying mathematical techniques to biological and physical systems. This involves building an intuitive understanding of the concepts and computational tools necessary to tackle complex, real world problems. In addition, all courses emphasize communicating mathematics to a broader audience.

Hews’ research focuses on the dynamical implications and underlying assumptions of mathematical models. She models with a range of techniques including differential equations, difference equations, individual-based models, and agent-based models.

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