Wouter Schievink

Adjunct Instructor of Creative Electronics
Wouter Schievink 12F  Received a B.A. in computer programming and interactive metal sculpture. He currently teaches at Hampshire College,  manages laboratories in the UMass Amherst electrical and computer engineering department, and founded a makerspace in Easthampton called The Rust Temple.
His interests primarily focus on electrical repair, the history of electronics, electronics reuse, open source hardware/design and working on collaborative engineering projects.

Recent and Upcoming Courses

  • Receive a hands-on survey of the world of electricity and electronics. Gain basic experience in repairing electronics devices, creating your own electrical circuits, experimenting safely with electronics, modifying preexisting electronics, and programming devices to interact with the outside world. This course is meant for people with little or no previous electronics experience. Work on your own electronics project or choose from predefined electronics projects to work on. This class is an opportunity to create and explore using electronics. Keywords:Electronics, Hacking, Repair, Arduino, Hands-on