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Faculty Affiliated with the CYL Program

Critical Social Inquiry

Myrna Breitbart
Title: Professor of geography and urban studies
Phone: 413.559.5457
Email: mbreitbart@hampshire.edu

Kimberly Chang
Title: Associate professor of cultural psychology
Phone: 413.559.5668
Email: kchang@hampshire.edu

Rachel Conrad, steering committee
Title: Professor of childhood studies
Phone: 413.559.5394
Email: rconrad@hampshire.edu

Amy Jordan
Title: Associate professor of African American history
Phone: 413.559.5644
Email: ajordan@hampshire.edu

Kristen Luschen, steering committee
Title: Associate professor of education studies
Phone: 413.559.5357
Email: kluschen@hampshire.edu

Annie Rogers
Title: Professor of clinical psychology
Phone: 413.559.5548
Email: arogers@hampshire.edu

Jutta Sperling
Title: Associate professor of history
Phone: 413.559.5507
Email: jsperling@hampshire.edu

Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

L. Brown Kennedy
Title: Professor of literature
Phone: 413.559.5509
Email: bkennedy@hampshire.edu

Rebecca Miller
Title: Associate professor of music
Phone: 413.559.5545
Email: rmiller@hampshire.edu

Lise Sanders
Title: Assistant professor of English literature and cultural studies
Phone: 413.559.5650
Email: lsanders@hampshire.edu

Interdisciplinary Arts

Jill Lewis
Title: Professor of literature and gender studies
Phone: 413.559.5671
Email: jlewis@hampshire.edu

Jana Silver
Title: Visiting assistant professor of art education
Phone: 413.559.6101
Email: jsilver@hampshire.edu

Natalie Sowell, steering committee
Title: Associate professor of theatre
Phone: 413.559.6099
Email: nsowell@hampshire.edu

Natural Science

Merle Bruno
Title: Professor emerita of biology
Email: mbruno@hampshire.edu

Elizabeth Conlisk
Title: Associate professor of public health
Phone: 413.559.5519
Email: econlisk@hampshire.edu

Charlene D'Avanzo
Title: Professor of ecology
Phone: 413.559.5569
Email: cdavanzo@hampshire.edu

Cognitive ScienceĀ 

Ernie Alleva
Title: Associate dean of advising
Faculty/staff associate in the School of Cognitive Science
Phone: 413.559.5494
Email: ealleva@hampshire.edu

Melissa Burch, CYL director, steering committee
Title: Associate professor of cognitive development
Phone: 413.559.5465
Email: mburch@hampshire.edu

Jane Couperus
Title: Associate professor of developmental cognitive neuroscience
Phone: 413.559.5389
Email: jcouperus@hampshire.edu

Joanna Morris
Title: Associate professor of cognitive science
Phone: 413.559.5462
Email: jmorris@hampshire.edu

Laura Wenk, steering committee
Title: Associate professor of cognition and education
Phone: 413.559.5364
Email: lwenk@hampshire.edu

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